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On several occasions Jackson even goes to great lengths to help Miley when she gets herself in serious trouble.Despite being the first born, and therefore having high expectations from Robby, Jackson constantly lives under Miley's, or rather Hannah's, shadow.In "Achy Jakey Heart" he teams up with Oliver and opens a hotdog stand.In the pilot episode Jackson gets paid to model Miley's Hannah clothes for Fermine. Jonas" After initially failing to enter college, Jackson says that his plans for the future include collecting an inheritance from Robby and writing a tell-all book about Miley.

Her main love interests are Jake and Jesse, along with occasional crushes. Even though he does wear a fake mustache and a hat as a disguise, he does not use a fake name.

In the episode “Miley Get Your Gum" Jackson saves up enough money to buy a used car and is very proud of it, until his friend Cooper tells him it's a "Girl car." Although his dad, Robby Ray, makes changes, such as changing the horn and adding a loud stereo, after Robby Ray is unable to sell it back to the original owner. In the episode “She’s a Supersneak” Jackson draws a smiley face on his midriff and squishes it together to make it sound like it is talking and puts a straw into his navel to pretend that the face was drinking a soft drink. He enjoys playing basketball until learning his father only lets him win so he will feel happy.

He learns ping-pong well enough to beat his father.

Unlike Robby, Lilly and Oliver, Jackson does not attend Hannah events in disguise.

This is at first because he exploits his connection with Hannah to impress his dates.

When Jackson first attended school in California he was made fun of because of his accent, cowboy hat, boots, and large belt buckle with shining bright lights which he wore to school. Also he has a limited amount of friends, only showing two: Cooper & Thor.

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