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With the exception of — two of my favorite shows, and both created by women, I might add — you almost never see that on TV, because it’s not considered sexy by prevailing straight-male standards of sexiness. A ponytail, turtleneck and glasses can be sexy as hell on the right person, especially when paired with a leather jacket.And Christina Cox is definitely the right person:, but overall, Lifetime’s ratings are on the upswing.Next Week: I won’t be recapping Kelly’s vaginal rejuvenation.I don’t care about Shannon’s kid learning how to drive and I sure don’t want to see Tamra’s son crying about his mean step dad who didn’t teach him how not to beat women. I just get on backwards, tell them to shut their mouths and write down the damn number. That said, she is going to a holistic guy for weight loss. Protein shakes and diuretic teas are not the answer for this problem. The Quiet Woman So Shannon is in a bad headspace going in to the Quiet Woman dinner.I do sympathize with the crying in her talking heads though. She has set her mind to treat this dinner like the Fat Tuesday before a very serious “lentil season.” She’s going to eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow she must diet.I realize this looks ridiculous to most of you, but I totally get it.It’s her way of getting the elephant out of the room so that a little more air might be available.

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Coverage of transgender issues, including updated information on the modification to the DSM-V (see sidebar 1.1). Brought in the issue of intersectionality in the context of gender-role strain.

Shannon needs to stop defending David for that and accusing Vickie of lying.