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Then he heard about a controller designed for quadriplegics.

“My brother found a website for a gaming controller.

There’s all kinds of different combinations; you just have to pick what button you want at that particular time.

And then there’s a button underneath that you can press with your lips.”Rocky plays on the FPS Quad Stick model, which boasts additional sensors and a stiffer joystick compared to the basic model, designed for less twitch-based gaming.

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His weeks are filled with physical therapy and treatment for his blood disorder.And I [can aim] because it swivels on a camera mount.“I would say that using it’s not difficult, it’s just memorizing and adapting to every game. It’s almost like any other game: you start, you look at the controls, you keep pausing it and looking.You just have to do that a lot more than normal.” Rocky was a diehard Xbox gamer for years and only recently made the jump to PC, which he finds to be a much easier platform for disabled gamers.Some people live close by and I’ll go meet them and hang out.

There’s actually a lot more disabled gamers than I thought that stream or are on You Tube.

Slow-paced genres like adventure games and turn-based RPGs “where you can take your time” are easiest to play with a Quad Stick, Rocky says.

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