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28-Jan-2017 11:30

updating cisco ios 2600-50

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Typically you choose to keep the same IOS filename and store the IOS file in current router's flash directory.Should you decide to store the file in different directory, you need to specify the exact directory path and name.Next go to the privilege exec prompt and typer1#copy tftp flash The command will ask you of four things.1. It may ask you for the destination filename as well.

Holding both current and new IOS images in the same flash is recommended whenever possible. [confirm]y Erasing the flash filesystem will remove all files! The router then may ask if you want to save the router configuration.

A simple FREE one can be found here»Cisco Forum FAQ »How to prepare TFTP/FTP server Note that when the router is running newer IOS image, IOS image transfer using FTP server is also supported.