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11-Sep-2016 12:38

Now what will it be like 'on the road' when you get going? Once you understand them better you can stop worrying about your trip and where you are going, safe in the knowledge there is nothing [or little] to be worried about!From a where you will stay to how you will get around.... The art of travel is about the most pretentious way of saying this.The difference is probably the strength of the poison, how well formed it was when ingested it and if viral or bacterial.The latter is more serious and could be something much nastier.Quite often it can be the result of getting other people's faeces in your mouth.The dirty culprits are normally cooks not washing their hands after a trip to the toilet, but even if the restaurant cook does not understand basic hygiene you will be safe if your food has been properly cooked and arrives piping hot.

And remember keep your own hands clean before you eat.

Many have eaten all of the above which are risky, and been fine.