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14-Mar-2016 11:04

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To help you get above the rim, we used our own resources and asked Mubarak “Bar” Malik, the director of performance for the New York Knicks, for pointers.He says that “improving vertical leap involves heavy recruitment of the leg muscles, so training should emphasize vertical loaded movements like squats, deadlifts, and Olympic lifts.” And when on the court, follow these tips to perform your max leap each time you drive the lane and go for a slam dunk.

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It’s like a vending machine with every option illuminated and ready for its chance to shine.

Because you cannot argue against tent-pole blockbusters’ lack of ingenuity story-wise if you aren’t willing to practice what you preach by making the “fresh” alternatives hits. It is “original” if also an insane choice to jump to cinema.

And it seems like it might have its heart in the right place after finally releasing a trailer to give us an idea of what to expect.

are affording A-listers the room for passion projects, and no matter how misguided (July 28) seems, the reality of it not having a number after its name in a year of umpteenth franchise rehashes is comforting.

Now the hope is that you—the ticket-buying public—will support these artistic endeavors and help buck the trend of empty mega-million budgeted nonsense.Muscle knots—also called "trigger points"—are everywhere in your body and restrict the length of your muscle tissue, making them shortened and weaker.