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If the vehicle registration has been expired for less than one month, a late fee of will be charged.If the license plate sticker reads "01/18," you will be charged this fee if you renew during February.If you have everything you need to complete the registration process, you will get your license plate right away, and the title will be sent in the mail to you or the vehicle lienholder.In both the Raleigh and Charlotte offices, you have the option of paying extra for their “fast title” service, which will get you the physical title before you leave the office.There is also an additional regional transportation authority tax in Wake, Durham, and Orange County.

You can do this through a large number of state-approved providers, but you must have at least: Failure to maintain current minimum liability coverage and carry proof of insurance will result in fines and suspension of your plates until you can prove yourself covered.

It takes seven days from the time you submit your notarized title application form to complete the registration process for a motorcycle.