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09-May-2016 02:10

Tina Barta backed out upon learning that Veronica and Rachel had done so.

Coral Smith and Trishelle Cannatella were asked, but decided to film Battle of the Network Reality Stars instead.

Apparently, Janelle Casanave and Melinda Stolp were the replacements. Brynn Smith was supposed to appear, but was pregnant and thus unable.

Frankie Abernathy originally accepted the call, but later backed out due to disagreements with the programming on MTV.

Angela Trimbur also initially said yes, but backed out in order to film a movie.

Dan Renzi was originally cast, but backed out to attend a speaking arrangement and was replaced by Syrus Yarbrough.

Battle of the Sexes 2 – Jisela Delgado backed out because she didn’t want to be on a Challenge with Coral Smith and was replaced by Kina Dean.Beth Stolarczyk dropped out and was replaced by Cynthia Roberts.