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07-Oct-2016 16:02

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They can't rip it off and take it back, they have to file against you to collect! However probably the vet felt the person could not or would not want to get into a legal battle because of expense. The only thing our court house will not take a check for is a animal license! Years ago they were tattooing animals with the number and people got the license and then went to their vet to find out it was going to cost them 0.00 and then stopped payment to the court house check!!! I rescued a dog once and the VET wanted 0 up front, even though it was my regular vet and they always mailed me a bill for my 2 dogs visits.Now that they are using digital chips I don't know if it is as costly...? I thought it was a bit strange but as they said just because I felt the need to rescue the dog didn't mean they wanted the resposibilty.Although knowingly the vet himself must learn many physiological systems, past his education the costs involved are relatively low as compared to a functioning hospital.As far as payments, ask first and if they are not available and you need them, go to another vet. Seb From what I have heard of your health systems there nothing would surprise me!But most of all I would have imeadiatley gone to the media and see how that vet liked the not so good media expoure.Vets are supposed to be there for the welfare of your pet not to make money and certainly not to hold your pet to ransome, we as pet owners need to stand up for our rights and not stand for Vets standover tactics.He walked into a 100,000 square foot grocery store packed with food and started to cry as he had never in his life not had to wait in line to see what was available to purchase. The state system paid the dentist so much for his services and it was a minimal amount.

I know if you take a perfectly healthy dog to the vet to be put down because you no longer want it (god forbid) thhe vet has a legal obligation to put the dog down no matter how he feels about it.The doc replied that no he couldn't get into vet school and had to settle for being a cardiologist!I have a cousin who is head nephrologist at Penn Vet in Pa, U. and she is very well paid and she is primarily in research.The vet would simply have to file charges to collect the money and go in front of a magistrate.

It's the same if someone builds a porch on your house and doesn't get paid.

It's just a shame that they felt the need to go to extremes to get payment, but I'm sure they had past experiences guiding them.

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