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18-Oct-2016 13:55

She says she has been contacted by 'at least 3,000' people who, like her, suffered complications.Some, she says, 'don't know who their surgeon was, believe it or not, and don't even know what surgery they had'.That's because you can take off a dirty pair of glasses or contact lenses, but you can't just change your eyes once they're damaged.''I am increasingly alarmed at the Government dragging its feet over the introduction of proper, basic regulation of eye surgery,' says Mr Mc Donnell.'People's eyesight is being put at risk on a large scale and yet the Government appears indifferent.'A spokesman for the Department of Health said: 'It is vital refractive eye surgery is undertaken by properly qualified professionals.Laser eye surgery takes less than 20 minutes for both eyes and, says the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, can correct short sight in people whose prescriptions range from minus one to minus nine, and long sight from plus one to plus four.In LASE K, or Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelium Keratomileusis, usually carried out when the cornea is too thin for LAS IK, alcohol is used to soften the outer cells of the cornea, which are then moved to one side while a laser reshapes the eye.The problem, he says, is that on the High Street, laser eye surgery has become the victim of 'an unhappy marriage between big business and medicine', with the hard-sell tactics 'terribly unprofessional and serving only to trivialise the surgery'.A major concern, says Professor Gartry, is just who is doing the surgery - the very least that people should be doing is finding out who the surgeon is and their qualifications.

For instance, Optimax claims on its website that 99.83 per cent of 4,219 patients who underwent laser eye surgery 'achieved driving standard vision or better and 95.99 per cent achieved 20/20 vision or better'.

Her advice to anyone considering laser eye surgery?