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Though they don't know it, the appearance of Rick Rodgers is far from coincidental, and might just change all three lives forever.Entry in the Castle Winter Hiatus Ficathon 2015-2016"This thing between us?AU: "It still catches him off guard, the wave of curiosity like a weight lifted off his shoulders, the wave of inspiration so very sweet, a taste of something he hasn't had in forever. She's going to be a tough nut to crack." Castle and Beckett meet in yoga class. A month of proving herself and then coming home to…this.To nothing." Season 6 AU."Castle, what are you doing here?" She felt his arms slide around her, gathering her up, gathering her to him, closer than ever before. This one time, I was trying to figure out how to throw someone off the Empire State Building, and that movie Sleepless in Seattle had just come out.

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" Kate slows in her walk around the corner at the sound of the familiar voice, dulling the sharp click of her heels on the concrete, steeling herself and channeling every ounce of patience she has left to deal with Ethan Slaughter a second time around.And then he remembers how much quieter the loft's gotten, and that he's walking down the street with the taste of coffee in his mouth, but his stride's grown longer and slower again without her to keep his pace. These last few nights sleeping in their bed without her had been a bottomless pit of loneliness and sorrow. It wasn't a dream this time though, and it was worse than her nightmares had ever been. SPOILER WARNING - This story will go into season 8. She didn't miss the tightening in Castle's jaw when he saw her; his eyes followed her from his perch at the headboard, but as she got ready for bed he said nothing. COMPLETECOMPLETE In this tense drama, the wizarding world goes to war as Harry battles depression after Sirius' death, an unlikely traitor targets Ron, and Hermione encounters unstoppable dark magic (AU written before book 6). A round robin story written, chapter by chapter, by these authors (listed alphabetically): bravevulnerability, chezchuckles, Colie Mac Kenzie, darkhours, encantadaa, griever11, jstar1382, narvanator, socasuallycruel, supermandy77, & The-KLF'Martha is right.

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