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26-Jun-2016 11:30

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This story will not just be about tragic young love.

It will also delve into the tragedy of adhering to societies codes of and for behavior that we inherit and do not often freely chose.

How is this going to stand out compared to other productions of Romeo and Juliet?

DEREK: Although it is not unusual to merge contemporary form with Elizabethan text, I am setting the play in an apocalyptic world and plan to delve into our most primary feelings of sexuality, lust and desire – and the roots of programmed ideas and feelings about love, god and life.

I can always be found online under my name Derek Magyar via all forms of social media.

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DEREK: The production will take place at RAW, a industrial warehouse space near downtown Los Angeles.

KRISTIN: Aside from this project, what other projects are you working on?

DEREK: I continue my career as an actor which is of the highest level of importance to me emotionally, physically and spiritually.

From there it was plays in high school etc., always supported by my dad, a filmmaker and professor and my mother and stepfather – who were and are big supporters of the arts.

I went to Cal Arts and got my BFA in acting and that was the real beginning of my career in the business.Derek Magyar is one of those individuals you just know is going to come out with something new and fresh.