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That lets you understand and practice Lithuanian even if you're just a beginner, while also making for quite an interesting read. da, Lithuania since 1784 - thats 226 years of beer. vyturys and Utenos breweries are controlled by the Danish company Carlsberg. vyturys Brewery today well go over the Lithuanian verb skaityti to read skaityti is a transitive verb so it requires the accusative case or galininkas neskaityti requires the genitive case here are skaityti and neskaityti conjugated in the present tense to read jos neskaito here are some examples of skaityti and neskaityti infinitive I like to read books man patinka skaityti knygas she can write and read the Lithuanian language ji gali ra?

nas, followed by an English translation right below each word.

You can find more information on the books at the bottom of our show notes on this episode of Lithuanian Out Loud. The Interlinear book has the original Lithuanian text by Jonas Bili?

Im just passing along the information so you know the resource is there if youre curious. geriau neskaityti to read through, to peruse, to go over perskaityti I read through that, which I did not have to read perskai?

mai big houses dideli namai big elephants dideli drambliai big men dideli vyrai big mountains dideli kalnai big structures didel?

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Lietuvoje he does not read what you write jis neskaito tai k?

together kartu Romas lives with his wife Romas gyvena kartu su ?